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Simulated RADAR Pulse & Backprojection Imaging with Generic Targets

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

This project is a very simple RADAR simulation tool designed for basic SAR imaging testing. Due to the simple nature of the RADAR simulation, methods such as fourier backprojection may not work, however they haven't been tested. The simulated RADAR was modeled from a PulsON 440 RADAR module, mounted to a drone, looking at trihedral corner reflectors in empty space. However, the code is object oriented in nature, and could allow for any of those parameters to be easily changed.

The RADAR simulation is able to calculate the power return, and place it in a set of rangebins which can be fully customized in resolution and count within the Radar Data class. It takes in any size list of targets,their positions, and RCS based on the operating frequency. To calculate the RCS, the ideal equation is used for a trihedral corner reflector. This equation assumes that the RADAR is facing the corner reflector, and that the corner reflector is facing the RADAR at all samples.


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